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徹底革命(Radical Revolution) by limitlesslife
January 26, 2012, 7:22 am
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 徹底革命 Radical Revolution
ABOUT BILL QUIGLEY, Nation of Change/op-ed.
Published: Wednesday 25 January 2012
“Amend the US Constitution so it is clear corporations do not have constitutional or human rights.”

“I am con­vinced that if we are to get on the right side of the world rev­o­lu­tion, we as a na­tion must un­dergo a rad­i­cal rev­o­lu­tion of val­ues.”  Dr. Mar­tin Luther King, Jr.  1967

One.  Human rights must be taken ab­solutely se­ri­ously.  Every sin­gle per­son is en­ti­tled to dig­nity and human rights.  No ap­pli­ca­tion needed.  No ex­clu­sions at all.  This is our high­est pri­or­ity.

Two.  We must rad­i­cally rein­vent con­tem­po­rary democ­racy.  Cur­rent sys­tems are deeply cor­rupt and not re­spon­sive to the needs of peo­ple.   Rep­re­sen­ta­tives cho­sen by money and in­flu­ence gov­ern by money and in­flu­ence.  This is un­ac­cept­able.  Di­rect democ­racy by the peo­ple is now tech­no­log­i­cally pos­si­ble and should be the rule.  Com­mu­ni­ties must be pro­tected when­ever they ad­vo­cate for self-de­ter­mi­na­tion, self-de­vel­op­ment and human rights.  Dis­sent is es­sen­tial to democ­racy; we pledge to help it flour­ish.

Three.  Cor­po­ra­tions are not peo­ple and are not en­ti­tled to human rights.   Amend the US Con­sti­tu­tion so it is clear cor­po­ra­tions do not have con­sti­tu­tional or human rights.   We the peo­ple must cut them down to size and so democ­racy can reg­u­late their size, scope and ac­tions.

Four.  Leave the rest of the world alone.  Cut US mil­i­tary spend­ing by 75 per­cent and bring all troops out­side the US home now.  De­fense of the US is a human right.  Global of­fense and global po­lice force by US mil­i­tary are not.  Elim­i­nate all nu­clear and chem­i­cal and bi­o­log­i­cal weapons.  Stop al­low­ing scare tac­tics to build up the na­tional se­cu­rity forces at home.  Stop the myth that the US is some­how spe­cial or ex­cep­tional and is en­ti­tled to act dif­fer­ently than all other na­tions.  The US must re-join the global fam­ily of na­tions as a re­spect­ful part­ner.  USA is one of many na­tions in the world.  We must start act­ing like it. 


Five.  Prop­erty rights, priv­i­lege, and money-mak­ing are not as im­por­tant as human rights.  When cur­rent prop­erty and priv­i­lege arrange­ments are not just they must yield to the de­mands of human rights.  Money-mak­ing can only be al­lowed when human rights are re­spected.  Ex­ploita­tion is un­ac­cept­able.  There are na­tional and global poverty lines.  We must es­tab­lish na­tional and global ex­cess lines so that peo­ple and busi­nesses with extra houses, cars, lux­u­ries, and in­comes share much more to help every­one else be able to ex­er­cise their basic human rights to shel­ter, food, ed­u­ca­tion and health­care.  If that dis­rupts cur­rent prop­erty, priv­i­lege and money-mak­ing, so be it. 

Six.  De­fend our earth.  Stop pol­lu­tion, stop pipelines, stop new in­ter­states, and stop de­stroy­ing the land, sea, and air by ex­tract­ing re­sources from them.  Re­build what we have de­stroyed.  If cor­po­ra­tions will not stop vol­un­tar­ily, peo­ple must stop them.  The very ex­is­tence of life is at stake.

Seven.  Dra­mat­i­cally ex­pand pub­lic spaces and re­verse the pri­va­ti­za­tion of pub­lic ser­vices.  Qual­ity pub­lic ed­u­ca­tion, health and safety for all must be pro­vided by trans­par­ent ac­count­able pub­lic sys­tems.  Starv­ing the state is a recipe for de­stroy­ing so­cial and eco­nomic human rights for every­one but the rich.

Eight.  Pull the crim­i­nal legal prison sys­tem up and out by its roots and start over.  Cease the crim­i­nal­iza­tion of drugs, im­mi­grants, poor peo­ple and peo­ple of color.  We are all en­ti­tled to be safe but the cur­rent sys­tem makes us less so and ruins mil­lions of lives.  Start over.

Nine.  The US was cre­ated based on two orig­i­nal crimes that must be con­fessed and made right.  Repa­ra­tions are owed to Na­tive Amer­i­cans be­cause their land was stolen and they were up­rooted and slaugh­tered.   Repa­ra­tions are owed to African Amer­i­cans be­cause they were kid­napped, en­slaved and abused.  The US has prof­ited widely from these in­jus­tices and must make amends.

Ten.  Every­one who wants to work should have the right to work and earn a liv­ing wage.  Any work­ers who want to or­ga­nize and ad­vo­cate for change in sol­i­dar­ity with oth­ers must be ab­solutely pro­tected from re­crim­i­na­tions from their em­ployer and from their gov­ern­ment.

Fi­nally, if those in gov­ern­ment and those in power do not help the peo­ple do what is right, peo­ple seek­ing change must to­gether ex­er­cise our human rights and bring about these changes di­rectly.  Dr. King and mil­lions of oth­ers lived and worked for a rad­i­cal rev­o­lu­tion of val­ues.  We will as well.  We re­spect the human rights and human dig­nity of oth­ers and work for a world where love and wis­dom and sol­i­dar­ity and re­spect pre­vail.  We ex­pect those for whom the cur­rent un­just sys­tem works just fine will ob­ject and op­pose and ac­cuse peo­ple seek­ing dra­matic change of being di­vi­sive and worse.  That is to be ex­pected be­cause that is what hap­pens to all groups which work for se­ri­ous so­cial change.  De­spite that, peo­ple will con­tinue to go for­ward with de­ter­mi­na­tion and pur­pose to bring about a rad­i­cal rev­o­lu­tion of val­ues in the USA.


Bill is legal director of the Center for Constitutional Rights and a law professor at Loyola University New Orleans. You can reach him at


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