9 Effective Ways to Help Standing Rock


By Edward Saunsoci on Sunday November 27th, 2016


Powerful Ways to Help the Water Protectors

3. Money Talks 金を動かす(関連銀行・会社から移す)

Close your accounts at these listed banks that support the Dakota Access Pipeline. The top 5 most well-known banks are Wells Fargo, CitiBank, US Bank, Bank of America, and Goldman Sachs. Phillips 66 is another company that supports DAPL.There are 17 Banks that Support DAPL and if you have an account with them, CLOSE IT! Banks make a large profit off the backs of poor people and have no remorse for it.

Let’s hit back at the banks and the companies that support them where it hurts, their pockets! Join us in boycotting, if you find other companies, please let us know, so we can add to the list.

4. Social Media (社会メディア:ビデオ・写真・ブログ)

Share social media content (videos, pictures, blogs).

An earlier video that was shared little over a two weeks ago was from Thomas H. Joseph, which hit 1.5 million views within days. As he streamed, he noticed he didn’t have connection when the police showed up, but had connection prior to that. The great thing about Facebook is that it still uploaded the video for people to save for him. We know how sometimes Facebook tends to pull videos offline due to police intervention.

And we all know that the mainstream media has held a blackout until recently when actress Shailene Woodley was arrested at a prayerful protest. The reason why it was picked up is because she live-streamed directly from the prayerful action at Standing Rock, through Facebook!

As she streamed, she had around 40k people watching, and as of now, it’s at 108k shares and viewed by 4.1 million people! We need to use social media to our advantage since we know that big oil has media outlets in their back pockets. So please share when you see something that helps the stand against Dakota Access Pipeline.

5. Donations (寄付)

Donate goods, materials, and funds. As we all know, it is going to cost to do anything in the world we live in. As of now, the camp has been exceptionally thankful for the donations. This is one area that almost anyone can help in.

If you can’t be on the ground at Standing Rock then you still can help with small donations that definitely add up and help the camp. As we gear up and get ready for winter, these donations become a huge deal. The love and support has come from around the world! Many organizations are busting their butts to get aid and relief help to Standing Rock. Here are a few that are contributing in a huge way.

Legal Defense Fund for Sacred Stone Spirit Camp is a gigantic collaborative effort helping the protectors who are involved with the direct action protests. It helped me when I was arrested a few weeks ago and bonded me out! A big shout out to the legal department on the camp as they do a lot and are super down for the cause!

Standing Rock Tribe is where I send everyone who contacts me and wants to donate. They have a communication link as well as a donation link at the top of their page. They are in charge for so many crucial points within the camp. Any, and all, donations will go to the tribe to assist in helping the protection of our Sacred Water.

True North Organizing Network is working overtime to assist at Standing Rock. They have already sent 4-5 caravans of support with almost 200 people from Northern California to Standing Rock within the last 3 months. Their main goal is to assist in any capacity and they have set up the second largest kitchen in the camp, which has helped lighten the load for the main kitchen. They have organized it so that every two weeks a new caravan with supplies and volunteers from North California make the trip to assist.

Sacred Stone Camp has been in place the longest and is a pivotal point in stopping the DAPL. LaDonna Brave Bull Allard has been doing a lot on behalf of the movement and to have her land opened up to the camp is a huge blessing.

Defenders of The Water School is a camp for children ages 7-13. It’s the first place I went to volunteer as soon as I heard it was there. Alayna Lee Eagle Shield started the schoolafter she heard that there was a need throughout the camp. Teresa, Blaze, and Savannah have been there the longest and are the perfect people to help with the kiddos. With tons of kids on camp and people funneling in and out of camp, any and all donations for the school are needed. There is an Amazon wish list for the school on their Facebook page.

The Protectors Alliance are doing great work on the ground building much needed compost toilets to make the camps as sustainable as possible that way. You can donate to the Standing Rock Compost Toilet Initiative

There are many great places to donate, please do the research and find out where your dollar will be used the best.

Students and teachers at the Defenders of the Water School.Students and teachers at the Defenders of the Water School.

6. Political Pressure 政治的圧力(政治家・議員・当局・人権団体などに連絡)

Call your local congressman/woman, as well as the White House and submit complaint forms. It can go a long way. Here are several ways that you can assist in helping Standing Rock through political means:

  1. Contact your local elected officials and inform them to stop the DAPL and to seek environmental energy practices in your area.
  2. Call the North Dakota Governor’s office and tell him to demilitarize the actions of Morton County Sheriff 701-328-2200
  3. File civil rights complaints with the Department of Homeland Security. Specifically, file complaints regarding the total disregard of civil liberties and constitutional rights to pray and assemble by Morton Count Sheriffs Office and their partnering law departments.
  4. Contact the President of the US via the White House Facebook page (he reads at least 10 of those messages a night) or you can write him the good old fashion way.

If you know of other ways please let us know and we will try to add them.

Political pressure can go a long way.Political pressure can go a long way.

7. Support the sovereignty of your local tribes 自分の所の部族(被差別者)の主権支持

Reach out to a local tribe and be clear with them that you want to help support their sovereignty. Tribal Nations have been protecting the environment for thousands of years and honoring their treaties is the most effective method of preserving nature, since treaties are held as the supreme law of the land. Ask them how you can be of assistance. This is a great time in history, Native Americans everywhere are finally starting to gain more attention for their plight because of the DAPL issue. Be the change you want to see, helping natives is the first step in righting a ton of wrongs done in this country.

8. Write opinion sections in a local newspaper or blog/vlog 新聞・ブログなどに意見を書く

Sharing your opinion on the issue with DAPL, and showing your support for Standing Rock, could bring much needed clarity and insight on the matter. We are all in this together and the more the merrier. So please reach out to someone and share your insight if they are in the dark about the situation at hand. It could help save millions of lives.

You have it in you, your words matter and will inform many.

Your words matter and will inform many.Your words matter and will inform many.

9. Hold local rallies 地元で団体行動・デモ

You may, or may not, know it but there are TONS of rallies being done in your home town for many causes. Find one, or a few, that you can agree with and help out. Throw yourself into the mix and get involved!

So many injustices are happening in the world we live in and if no one ever stands up against them, they’ll go unchallenged. But luckily, we have YOU! You are the change that you want to see in the world, all that’s left is doing the work. Let’s work!

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Words By Edward Saunsoci

Originally posted on The Travelling Humanitarian

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