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メッセージ集”文明の危機”の編纂 by limitlesslife
December 13, 2016, 12:55 am
Filed under: 福島原発事故




私の活動に好意的な健康と食料問題を扱う国際NGO,自然解決事業団(Natural Solutions Foundation)はこのほど




同資料は私のホームページ内 でご覧いただけます。




“Congratulations on your devoted work. I entirely agree with you and will spread this.”












Dear Friends,


The disaster that struck Fukushima just over five and half years ago has proven to be not just a tragic nuclear accident, but, through refusal to honestly and transparently address the accident, it has become a crisis not just for Japan and the Pacific region, but for all humanity. Fukushima is a Crisis of Civilization and it demands a new approach to global ethics. The conditions at the stricken reactors  challenges humanity to come together, resolving to solve this crisis of civilization. The mobilization of human wisdom on the largest scale is of absolute necesssity.


I am sending you “ The Crisis of Civilization eBook”. It is the collection of my messages sent out in English since the March 11Fukushima Disaster,which has been kindly edited by the Natural Solutions Foundation,a private international NGO focused on health and food freedom.


With warmest regards,

 Mitsuhei Murata

Former Japanese Ambassador to Switzerland



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