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声明:沖縄・名護署で警察に50日以上も勾留されている山城博治氏を釈放せよ! Nago, Okinawa – We demand release of Yamashiro Hiroji and others from police detention!

Posted: 16 Dec 2016 11:35 PM PST

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山城氏が重大な病気を抱えてきていることは周知の事実であるが、それを承知の上で県警は次々と新たな告訴理由を挙げて、勾留延長を続けてきた。 暴力を振るう恐れもないし、逃げる恐れも、理由もない山城氏が保釈を拒否され続ける理由は何か。基地を沖縄に強要し続ける国家に逆らい、諦めない姿勢そのものを最大の罪とされているからだろう。山城氏は、沖縄防衛局が雇った業者によるやんばるの森の破壊を調査するため有刺鉄線を数カ所切断した。山城氏が切断した有刺鉄線に比べたら、防衛局が許可なしで何千本ものやんばるの木を切り倒したことの方がずっと深刻な犯罪ではなかろうか!




ガバン・マコーマック オーストラリア国立大学名誉教授

乗松聡子 『アジア太平洋ジャーナル:ジャパンフォーカス』エディター

スティーブ・ラブソン ブラウン大学名誉教授

ノーマ・フィールド シカゴ大学名誉教授

マーク・セルダン コーネル大学東アジアプログラム上級研究員

ピーター・カズニック アメリカン大学教授

キャサリン・ミュージック 海洋生物学者

ダグラス・ラミス 沖縄キリスト教学院大学大学院客員教授

ウェンディ・マツムラ カリフォルニア大学サンディエゴ校歴史学助教授

エリン・ジョーンズ 研究者(アリゾナ州メサ市)



Demand for the Release of Yamashiro Hiroji and others:

It is two months now since Yamashiro Hiroji was arrested at Takae and detained at Nago police station.  We are deeply concerned at the continuing detention of this key figures of the Okinawan democratic non-violent resistance, and of the four others now detained with him.

Despite it being well-known that Yamashiro suffers serious illness, the prefectural police continue to extend his detention by bringing a series of fresh charges against him. Why is it that his release has been repeatedly refused despite the fact that there is no fear of him resorting to violence or attempting to escape? It seems to us that his principal offence has been his refusal to bow in submission to the state that insists on the imposition of a base on Okinawa. Yamashiro may have cut some strands of wire .n order to inspect the damage being done to the Yambaru forest by contractors for the Defense Ministry. But is not the offence of those contractors who cut thousands of forest trees without permission far more serious than Yamashiro’s cutting of a few strands of barbed wire?

The denial of Yamashiro’s basic human rights is plain. For Yamashiro to be denied even the right to take delivery of a pair of socks, and for him to be marched` him in and out of court-rooms shackled and hog-tied like a serial killer or a terrorist, is an indefensible attempt to humiliate him. Prolonged detention takes a heavy toll of Yamashiro’s health. Such treatment by the local police authorities of this Okinawan peace movement leader is wrong and outrageous.

We call for the immediate release of Yamashiro and all five arrested just because of their involvement in the opposition movement.

December 16, 2016

Gavan McCormack, Professor Emeritus, Australian National University

Satoko Oka Norimatsu, Editor, Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus

Steve Rabson, Professor Emeritus, Brown University

Norma Field, Professor Emerita, University of Chicago

Mark Selden, Senior Research Associate, East Asia Program at Cornell University

Peter Kuznick, Professor, American University

Katherine Muzik, Marine Biologist

Douglas Lummis, Visiting Professor, Okinawa Christian University Graduate School

Wendy Matsumura, Assistant Professor, UC San Diego

Erin Jones, Researcher (Mesa, Arizona)

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