Reminder: ICAN Global Week of Action (this Friday!)

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Subject: Reminder: ICAN Global Week of Action (this Friday!)
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Dear campaigners,
The ICAN Global Week of Action kicks off this Friday! Thanks to all of you who’ve shared your plans with us and your fellow campaigners on the Campaigners List: we’re looking forward to a great week. The United Nations will be holding an organizational meeting on the ban treaty negotiations during the week, so we’ll also hopefully be able to confirm some more information about the negotiations process.
We’ll be kicking things off with a Thunderclap to generate some buzz through Facebook and Twitter for the ban negotiations. It’s maybe the easiest way for everyone to get involved:
We beat our target of 500 sign-ons within just a couple of days last week, so maybe we can get up to 1000 in the next couple of days! Please share it through your organization and networks as well.
Here are some other easy actions you can take:
  • Call or email your Foreign Ministry to tell them to participate in the negotiations. You can find a simple email-tool here, or contact information to your governments representatives here.
  • Call your parliamentarians! Locate the phone number of your elected representatives and phone them to tell them that your country should participate in the negotiations of a treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons. Download talking points and arguments here.
We’ve also put together a background document with some suggestions for other actions that you might consider. With your understanding of your government, your local context as well as the strengths and resources of your organization, develop an activity that you think will have the maximum impact on raising awareness around the fact that negotiations are taking place and to get your government to announce their support.
Remember, whatever your organization can do to contribute to the Global Week of Action is great! Anything ranging from simply a social media action (including the Thunderclap!), to a press release, to a meeting with your MFA, getting public confirmation from your government that they will participate in negotiations, etc. will contribute to the global push.
You can find all the information in this email and further updates as the Global Week of Action gets under way here:
Seven weeks ’til negotiations! Let’s get rolling.


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