Fukushima and the Pacific Ocean

Dear Friends,


At the Fukushima Daiichi, the volume of contaminated water amounts to one million tons contained in 1000 tanks. On July13,the new Chairman of TEPCO announced in an interview that the massive radioactive contaminated water containing unremovable tritium would be released into the sea, as recommended by the Nuclear Regulatory Authority. It is well known that tritium is a deadly poison. 2 milligram of it is lethal.

The future of the Pacific Ocean is threatened. The reaction of the international community can easily be foreseen.


Recent publications containing anti-Tokyo Olympic Games assertions are noteworthy. Mr.Takao Saito, renowned journalist, published last month a book entitled “How to educate the people” in which he reviews all the violations of the initial official commitments of the Tokyo Olympic Games. Mr.Makoto Sadaka, famous critic, has recently published an article in which he criticizes Dentsu as playing a central role in suspected corruption cases regarding nuclear reactors and the Tokyo Olympic Games.


Fukushima and the Tokyo Olympic Games are closely related. The former helps to play down the consequences of the latter, preventing Japan from consecrateing maximum efforts to bring Fukushima under control. It is simply scandelous to organize Olympic baseball and football games in Fukushima without reassuring its safety as required by civil society. The IOC is increasingly criticized for this.


The Olympic Games seems to stand at crossroads. Rome, Boston Hamburg and Bulgaria have withdrawn candidature for the 2024Olympic Games. Paris and Los Angeles are retained for 2024 and 2028.In addition to enormous financial burden, immigrants and terrorism remain serious discouraging problems for the two cities.


The large scale cyber attack that took place in Europe on June 27 damaged the automatic radiation surveillance system of Chernobyl nuclear reactors in Ukraine. The world is thus seriously warned against the vulnerability of nuclear reactors.


The world is yet to learn the destructive power of nuclear energy in all directions(states,companies,organizations, individuals).The pitiful downfall of TOSHIBA undeniably symbolizes the beginning of the end of the peaceful use of nuclear energy. The mainstream of the world still permits and promotes the existence of more than 440 nuclear reactors, now considered as the most serious threat to security.

This mainstream undeniably needs a change.

It is the law of history.


Mitsuhei Murata

Former Ambassador To Switzerland



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