ICAN Press Conference 3pm tomorrow (Oct 11) FCCJ, Tokyo



Press Conference: Akira Kawasaki, Member of the International Steering
Group of ICAN

Wednesday, October 11, 2017, 15:00 – 16:00

Nobel Peace Prize 2017: ICAN

Language: The speech and Q&A will be in English

(Two Hibakushas will speak in Japanese with English interpretation)

The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to the International Campaign to
Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), at a time when concerns have been rising
in response to North Korea’s enhancing nuclear capability and aggressive
rhetoric by the U.S. President Donald Trump.

The lobbying by ICAN, the international coalition of hundreds of
non-government organizations across the world, in July led the UN to
adopt the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons that aims to ban
and eventually phase out the nuclear weapons. More than 50 countries
have signed so far, but none of the nine nuclear states, such as the US
and the UK, have endorsed it.

There have been similar treaties in the past, such as the
Non-proliferation Treaty or the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty,
but the momentum to achieve a world without nuclear weapons has been
stalled largely due to the rift between “haves” and “have nots.”

While the nuclear powers have no intention to give up their nuclear
weapons and countries like the US and Russia push to modernize their
arsenal, North Korea continues to develop its nuclear capability with
numerous nuclear and missile tests.

Despite being the only country to experience an A-bomb detonation, Japan
did not take part in the prohibition treaty negotiations, largely due to
its position under the American nuclear umbrella. Japanese Foreign
Minister Taro Kono said that it will not sign the treaty as its approach
to the non-nuclear world is different. Tokyo has been saying that it’s
important to bridge the gap between the nuclear powers and non-nuclear

But winning the Nobel Peace Prize is a big step forward for Hibakusha
and Peace Boat, which has been part of ICAN and its leadership since the

The Club is inviting Akira Kawasaki, Peace Boat Executive Committee
Member and ICAN International Steering Group Member, and two hibakushas
(A-bomb survivors) to talk about Japan’s responsibility to achieve a
nuclear-free world and how the world can leverage on this momentum.

Please reserve in advance, 3211-3161 or on the website (still & TV
cameras inclusive). Reservations and cancellations are not complete
without confirmation.

Akira Kawasaki
〒169-0075 東京都新宿区高田馬場3-13-1 B1
Tel: 03-3363-7561
Fax: 03-3363-7562

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