Top 10 Ways to Stop Trump Nuking Anybody

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Top 10 Ways to Stop Trump Nuking Anybody

On Tuesday the Senate Foreign Relations Committee held a hearing on whether Trump can just up and nuke people or not. The hand-picked witnesses, all former military, all said there was some chance that if Trump ordered a nuking, somebody might refuse to carry out the order. On what grounds? No witness or Senator ever mentioned the illegality of war under the UN Charter or the Kellogg-Briand Pact. But one witness brought up “necessity” and “proportionality” as grounds for deeming a particular apocalypse-creating act illegal and another legal. But these “just war” concepts are not empirical. There’s no standard for determining whether an action is “necessary” or “proportional.” It comes down to the mood the commander of Strategic Command is in that day, or the partisan identity of some official, or the courage and integrity of rank-and-filers ordered to begin the earth’s destruction. If, like me, you’re not convinced that’s good enough, here are some other possible approaches:

1) 議会が戦争宣言をしない限り大統領は戦争を始めることができず金を使えないという米国憲法を指摘した新法を北朝鮮他の為に可決すること。

Pass a new law for North Korea and one for each other country on earth pointing out that a stronger law already exists called the U.S. Constitution which forbids presidents from launching wars that have not been declared by Congress, and include a ban on using any funds to violate the law.

2) ケロッグ・ブライアン条約で戦争禁止、国連憲章でもほぼ禁止しているので、議会も、勿論大統領も法律違反はできない。国連憲章が戦争の脅迫を禁じているのを指摘する新法を作るのも害はない。

As long as we’re passing laws to acknowledge the existence of laws, pass one to point out the absolute ban on war in the Kellogg-Briand Pact, as well as the near-ban on war in the UN Charter whose loopholes could certainly not be met by a presidential nuking. The two loopholes are (I.) authorization by the UN, and (II.) actual defense (where defense means something distinct from offense). Being a crime, war is not something Congress can make legal any more than a president can. An extra law pointing out that the UN Charter also bans threatening war, and that Trump has been threatening war, couldn’t hurt.

3) トランプが既に法律違反をしており、法律を守ることに信頼がおけないから、直ぐに彼を弾劾し、訴追し、辞職させ、逮捕し、告訴し、処罰すべきである。

As long as we’re reading the Constitution and admitting that the president cannot be trusted to comply with laws, given the numerous laws he’s already violating, get moving immediately to impeach, convict, remove from office, arrest, indict, and prosecute Trump. Even Tuesday’s witnesses mentioned tangentially the “civilization threatening outcomes” we’re facing here. Perhaps a bit of urgency is appropriate?

4) 議会が北朝鮮と外交を追求し、北朝鮮に最も脅威を与える仕方を終わらせるよう圧力をかけよ。議会は韓国から米軍を引き上げ、米軍武器を引き上げ、太平洋から米艦船を引き上げ、朝鮮上空うでの米軍爆撃訓練を禁止し、新しい米国核兵器計画を閉鎖し、米国ミサイル試験を止め、いかなる専制小動きも禁止し、核高度警戒を解除し、段階的米国核廃棄を進めて世界に同様措置を要請し、前大統領ジミー・カーターに友情使節として依頼する完全な能力をもっている。

Pressure Congress to step in and pursue diplomacy with North Korea and end the practices most threatening to North Korea. Congress has the complete ability to withdraw U.S. troops from South Korea, to withdraw U.S. weapons from South Korea, to withdraw U.S. ships from the Pacific, to ban U.S. bombing practice flているights over Korea, to shut down new U.S. nuclear weapons programs, to stop U.S. missile tests, to forbid any first strikes, to take nukes off high alert, to dismantle U.S. nukes a few at a time while asking the world to follow suit, and to ask former president Jimmy Carter to visit North Korea on a mission of friendship.

5) 韓国新大統領に米国軍国主義に対決する約束を守るよう韓国人民に加勢する。

Join with the people of South Korea in urging the new president of South Korea to live up to his promises by standing up to U.S. militarism.

6) 北朝鮮との人民の平和条約に署名し、自ら平和への努力することに参加する。

Sign the People’s Peace Treaty with North Korea, and join in efforts to make peace ourselves.

7) イランとの取り決めを保持し、イランを脅迫することを止め、イランについての嘘を止め、イランに援助をしイランとの友情を提案する。

Keep the deal with Iran in place, stop threatening Iran, stop lying about Iran, stop sanctioning Iran, offer aid to Iran, and propose friendship with Iran.

8) ウィスコンシン州アップルトンでジョー・マッカーシーの墓を見つけ、その隣に大きな穴を掘る。ロシアゲートをそこに投げ込み永久にそこに埋める。その代わりミハイル・ゴルバチェフの忠告を取り上げロシアとの友情と共同を建設する。

Find Joe McCarthy’s grave in Appleton, Wisconsin. Dig a large hole next to it. Toss in Russiagate and bury it there once and for all. In its place, take up the advice of Mikhail Gorbachev, and build friendship and cooperation with Russia.

9) 核兵器の世界的禁止・核兵器解除・地球からの核兵器排除を支持せよ。米国の核をその資金をクリーン・エネルギーに使追う。

Support the global ban on nuclear weapons, divestment from nuclear weapons, and the elimination of nuclear weapons from the earth. Dismantle U.S. nukes and move the funds to clean energy.

10) 戦争文化を平和のための組織に置き換えよう。

Replace war culture with systems of peace.

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Top 10 Ways to Stop Trump Nuking Anybody

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