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ICAN国際事務局から世界各地の運動家に向けたCampaigners Updateを今後月に一回をめどに発行していくこととなりました。その第一号を転送します。川崎哲

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Campaigners Update: September 2018

Dear Campaigners,

Welcome to the first edition of the ICAN Monthly Newsletter! We hope that this will be a space in which to present work being undertaken by partners, outputs from monthly ISG meetings, and information about upcoming dates or activities.

It’s easy to lose track of all the things things that your fellow campaigners are doing around the world and to have an overview of the amazing progress we are making with the ban treaty. We hope that this newsletter will provide a snapshot overview of what’s happened over the past month and what we’re looking ahead to in the weeks to come.

The best way to feature your work here is to make sure that you send your updates to the ICAN Campaigners List! That’s where we’ll look first when we pull the newsletter together, so make sure you’re diligent about reporting back on what you’ve done, even if it’s just a short email. 🙂

It’s also good to keep track of what’s being written about the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in the different corners of the globe. The newsletter will therefore also provide some suggested readings and useful new resources that have crossed our radars over the past month.

As you know, ICAN has a governance body called the International Steering Group (ISG), which is responsible for the strategic planning, fundraising and the general financial stability/sustainability of the campaign. The ISG has a meeting (over the phone) every month to discuss issues relevant to its mandate. To provide a bit of insight into what the ISG discusses, we’ll provide some notes in the monthly newsletter about any decisions taken, updates shared, etc. in those meetings. If you have any questions you’d like to address to the ISG, please send Daniel (daniel@icanw.org) an email.

We in the staff really hope that this Newsletter is a useful resource for all of us in the campaign!

All the best,

Beatrice, Liz, Lucero, Stuart, Tim and Daniel

PS: Update your files: ICAN now has 532 partner organizations in 103 countries!

Entry into Force: Status

What have we been up to? 

Here are some updates you sent from mid-August to mid-September:

  • In recent weeks, campaigners working on entry-into-force have organized, hosted and attended regional meetings in Samoa, Thailand, South Africa and Ethiopia. (link)
  • ICAN Australia kicked off its Nobel Peace Ride from Melbourne to Canberra by bicycle, touring the Nobel Peace Prize medal and raising awareness of the TPNW
  • Center for International Security and Policy from Kazakhstan collaborated with the United Nations and the mission of Kazakhstan to hold a film screening of Where the Wind Blew and a discussion to commemorate the international day against nuclear weapons testing
  • First Committee is coming up! Reaching Critical Will has just released their annual First Committee briefing book
  • #NaeNukes2018 might be the best hashtag ever. Check out www.nuclearban.scot for information on the upcoming rally at the Faslane base on Saturday, 22 September
  • ICAN Switzerland launched a petition (for Swiss residents) to get the government to reverse its position and join the TPNW
  • The Californian State Senate passed a resolution that calls on the United States federal government to embrace the TPNW, make nuclear disarmament the centerpiece of national security policy, and spearhead a global effort to prevent nuclear war. Congrats to PSR-LA, NAPF, Tri-Valley CARES, Nuclear Free Schools, supporters of the Back from the Brink campaign and all the others who made this happen. (Link here)
  • Ghassan Shahrour from IPPNW held a lecture for doctors about the TPNW and ICAN in Kuwait
  • Tilman Ruff from ICAN Australia published a chapter on nuclear weapons in a new book about the challenges facing humanity

Upcoming campaign activities:

26 September is the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons. ICAN will focus on two activities:

  • The signing ceremony in New York
  • A global action to demand that BNP Paribas stop profiting from nuclear weapons

BNP Paribas Action

This is a great opportunity for all partner organisations to take action and to get the public in your country engaged too! Get involved at bnp-divest.org or send an email to info@dontbankonthebomb.com.

Signing ceremony

As Tim noted yesterday, speakers have been confirmed for the Signing Ceremony! It’s a high-level bunch including the President of the UNGA, the President of the ICRC, the High Representative for Disarmament and our very own Beatrice.

Updates from the ISG-meeting: August 2018

  • Approved the Action Plan developed to follow up on the survey results, including the creation of a Monthly Newsletter
  • Open-ended discussion of the idea of a potential ICAN webstore for merchandise
  • Ongoing discussion of the possibility of revamping the ICAN website to make it more user-friendly
  • Updates on fundraising status
  • Discussion of need to create risk management guideline policy
  • Highlighted upcoming events including the Korean summit in Pyongyang, the September Signing Ceremony, UNGA First Committee and the possibility of a face-to-face ISG meeting

Useful Reads & Resources

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