非核世界は始まった!No Nuke World Started!





2021共通年1月24日 法記

January 22, 2021 is the epoch-making date that the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) became effective, making nukes illegal, starting a nuke-free world. The Doomsday Clock was advanced to 100 seconds to midnight, the end of the world, due mainly to the crises of nuclear winter and climate change. Nuclear winter could be started by one man, one nation, by madness, miscalculation, mishap, or terrorism, at any moment, and thus it is most urgently needed that it be stopped.

Biological and Chemical weapons have been banned as a crime to humanity, but A-bombs were not due to the delusion that they would prevent wars, as they are too dangerous to use and needed to deter an enemy’s use of them. This has been called MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction, meaning also Madness of Atomic Destruction. It was feared that Trump’s madness would explode with use of A-bombs, but rather it was his delusion relating to the pandemic that caused the worst damage to the U.S., which weapons couldn’t save.

The pandemic illustrates how the Triple Poisons of delusion, divisiveness, and desire are damaging to life – ignorance/lack of prognosis, lack of international cooperation, and the desire for money have been causing casualties. Mankind must be awakened to stop me-ism, militarism, and money-ism, transcending sin (separation), nationalism, and capitalism, avoiding discrimination, exploitation, and destruction. The whole world has censured the capitol violence, saying it destroys democracy. Why not war violence?

The Dharma of Dependent Co-origination depicts the truth/ethic of life limitlessly interrelated in the universe since its origin – humans and all beings are one intertwined family to wake up and work together. All humans must urge their nations to join the treaty, create nuke-free zones, make nuke-nations no first use among them nor on nukeless ones, reduce nukes, and use the U.N. or such to control and eliminate nukes. This will work to reduce rivalries and resouces for them, shifting to support life and life systems.

January 24, 2021 C.E. Dharma note

Note 1. Dharma is something like Jus Cogens (unviolable universal supra-mundane law).


2. No Nuke World Started!



3. Nuke-free World Started!:



The following pictures were taken and sent today by

Rev. Erin Daiho, our member and edityor, Washington State

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