Global Ethics

欧州放射線リスク委員会(ECRR):原爆放射能で6千万人以上の癌死、10%生命の質低下 by limitlesslife


The ECRR model predicts 61,600,000 deaths from cancer, 1,600,000 infant deaths and 1,900,000 foetal deaths. In addition, 242 ECRR 2010 the ECRR predicts a 10% loss of life quality integrated over all diseases and conditions in those who were exposed over the period of global weapons fallout.


2. ECRR 2010 Recommendations of the ECRR pdf (詳細文献pdf無料ダウンロードできます):

3.2の要約の日本語訳です。Executive Summary (Japanese translation)