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January 6, 2012, 1:59 pm
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His Excellency Ambassador John V. Roos

Embassy of the United States of America


                                           Tokyo, December, 2011




Dear Ambassador Roos,


I hope all goes alright for your mission in Japan.

I wish you a very Happy New Year !   


A dramatically eventful and sad year is nearing the end. On this occasion, please allow me to present to you my recent thinking.


   President Obama has accomplished his mission of ending the war in Iraq. He has thus reaffirmed his historic role of initiating the global current of maternal culture. As a promoter of this current, I rejoice at his great achievement. I am convinced that the ‘will of heavens and the Earth’ will be on his side in his future undertakings.

I wish to reiterate my heartfelt gratitude for your letter dated January 25, 2011.expressing your understanding of the link between the UN Ethics Summit and the denuclealization of the globe.


   I t is with all this in mind that I dare to ask you to suggest to President Obama to take the initiative of holding a United Nations Ethics Summit on the occasion of the next General Assembly in September 2012. President Obama from whom the world awaits the next concrete step toward his vision of the “World without nuclear weapons”, may find it helpful to respond to this expectation.   


As you know, I am convinced that Japan, experiencing the fatal Fukushima disaster, now should call upon the world to seek true denuclearization, both civil and military. I have long been

asserting that the present civilization of power based on paternal culture must be replaced by a civilization of harmony based on maternal culture, that is to say, a maternal civilization. 


The first concrete step toward it is the UN Ethics Summit

which opens the way to a maternal civilization and the maternal civilization is indispensable to  true denuclearization. It is thus the  bond of ‘trinity’ that connects the UN Ethics Summit, a maternal civilization and true denuclearization, both civil and military .


The Ethics Summit is expected to create an International Day of Global Ethics cf.annex. As to its concrete date, we could choose April 5 (President Obama’s Prague speech) or March 11 (the initiation of a new paradigm).


I will try my best to convey this idea to Prime Minister Noda

so that he could discuss it with President Obama during his next visit to the United States next January.


 I am looking forward to meeting you again soon.



With highest and warmest regards,



Mitsuhei Murata





The urgent appeal issued last April by the Japan Society for Global System and Ethics, of which I am Executif Director,is receiving widening support both at home and abroad.

The appeal has been translated in ten languages.

On29 October 2011, the President of the World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centres and Associations (WFUCA), Mr. George Christophides supported the appeal at the 36th Session of General Conference of UNESCO inParis. His intervention includes the following remark.

“We propose to UNESCO to declare an International Day of

Global Ethics and to organize a United Nations Ethics Summitin the light of the present world crisis which goes beyond the global economic crisis and monetary instability.”